Here you’ll find out what to expect from new upcoming artists, whether it be a new track or new album.

Similar Familiar – Lea Porcelain


New electronic duo Lea Porcelain from Frankfurt have unveiled their epic debut track ’Similar Familiar’ on SoundCloud today, which is available as a free download for 2 weeks.  Similar Familiar is a gritty tune that captivates the listener through is hugely synthed lo-fi dubbing of the new wave vocals, a similar technique of the track ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’ by Moby. Check it out here



Another World – Aurient

avatars-000025051859-g3cqd5-t500x500-300x300Los Angeles-based producer and DJ, Auriént, is set to deliver his debut album ‘Aura Bath’ via Swedish label van Drumpt later this year. With a strong appreciation for disco and Chicago house music, the young producer has created a fresh but familiar sound that will resonate with old-school and new dance music fans alike. While there’s an obvious nod to French peers DJ Falcon, Sebastien Leger & Ed Banger Records’ Feadz, Auriént’s new single ‘Another World’ (out 23rd Feb) recalls the techno tones of Gesaffelstein as he colours outside the lines between nu-disco and vocal house. Today, Auriént relentlessly travels onward through the many house parties that come his way…Where will we find him next? …Your guess is as good as ours. What we do know is that we’ll be cutting the rug with him, wherever it is.

‘Another World’ has shown how much old-school house and dance music can be adapted, yet still manages to keep it’s vintage body. Not only is the beat sound and consistent, but it has the classic moments where all you want to do is jump. With it’s seductive sounding vocalisations and synth melodies, it’s no wonder people find it to have all the potential to be a classic tune.





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