Track Review: ‘She’s Got You’ by Chey

A 90s-esque love ballad, Chey’s distinctive vocal tells the story of heartbreak.

Chey possesses a dynamic voice, flawless vocal control and stunning vocal projection. The musical accompaniment is atmospheric and the song is not overly complex; correspondent to the songs message, although I feel the large amount of reverb in the instrumental breaks do not align with the tone of the piece. However, this track encompasses a relatable motif and a raw emotional storyline which gives it the potential to become an admired song.

Chey, she may have him, but you’ve definitely got us.

She’s Got You is set for official release on April 21st 2017, Available on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

You can find Chey at the following links:

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Jake Aldridge releases ‘Fireman’

If you like your pop music tinged with a little bit of R&B and even a little rap, then Jake Aldridge’s new track, ‘Fireman’ is without a doubt one for you.

Jake mixes his talent for rapping with the beautiful vocals of Lisa Ambrose who lends her capabilities for the song’s chorus. It’s one of those chorus hooks that’ll be stuck in your head for days and despite the contrast in styles, the two surprisingly work together harmoniously.

The combination of Lisa’s voice and the delicately strummed guitar provides something you wouldn’t necessarily think would fit with Jake’s rap stylings, but this only goes to prove how he is really pushing boundaries and creating something different to the mainstream.

As for the lyrics, this is where Jake truly shows his originality, crafting intricate rhymes that reflect themes of lost love and despair, whilst channeling emotion from the loss of his father when he was 11.

Nonetheless, with his unique and ambitious pop style, Jake is an artist you should be keeping and eye (and an ear) out for in the future.


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Corinna Jane releases new video for ‘Echoes Of My Mind’

UK singer-songwriter, Corinna Jane has returned after the release of ‘Three Faces of You’, with the evocative follow up single, ‘Echoes Of My Mind’ and a new video to boot!

The dark and sultry track is combined with a black and white video which only goes to reinforce the delicate issue addressed in Corinna’s song. ‘Echoes Of My Mind’ touches on the grief that inherently occurs at the end of  relationship and how it will haunt you a long time after.

In the past, Corinna has gained support from the likes of BBC radio 6, BBC introducing and she even made the top 5 at the Rock the House Competition. Corinna has also supported the likes of Black Beard’s Tea Party,  Marina Celeste of Nouvelle Vague and Leddra Chapman.

Find out more on Corinna Jane here:


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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Jo Cooper – Broken

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Anna Madsen returns with ‘Whisper’ and new tour dates

The New England Music award nominee is back with her second studio album ‘Whisper’ coupled with announcing brand new tour dates throughout April and May.

As well as her songwriter of the year nomination at the New England awards, Madsen has enjoyed recognition since appearing on Britain ITV’s ‘Christmas Carol’ leading to support from BBC Radio 2 and appearing on Spotify’s hot list UK’s playlist.

Musically, Anna has drawn comparisons to Lana Del Ray. Some calling her a ‘Del Ray, Kate Bush and Enya’ hybrid. Some praise of course but essentially it’s her unique background that sets her apart.

Growing up in Utah, it was her Mormon heritage that has shaped the singer-songwriter’s light, classic romanticism picking up her love of music in the church.

‘Whisper’ is her second full length album, released which follows 2016’s Efforescence and is a classic soundtrack of her own distinctive absorbing story-telling.

A long with this is she has announced her European tour, taking in three venues in London as well as St. Helens, Portadawe in Wales and Spain.

Tour dates:

21 April – Pontardawe Arts Centre, Pontardawe, Wales

22 April – The Citadel, St Helens, England

23 April – The Acoustic Folk Highway @ the Harrison, London, England

27 April – BBC Club, London, England

29 April – (TBC)

01 May – Barcelona City Radio, Barcelona, Spain

04 May – Madrid, Spain (TBC)

06 May – O2, London, England


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Britain’s Next Top Model’s Tallulah Bluebell revives modern feminist pop with girl group The Truebelles in ‘Mister Nobody’


Britain’s Next Top Model’s Tallulah Bluebell revives modern feminist pop with all girl group The Truebelles. The Brit-school attendee joined Lorenna and Grace to form the power trio and share their passion for Women’s rights in latest single ‘Mister Nobody’.


Watch the music video for ‘Mister Nobody’ here:

The collective is made up of three entirely different, strong personalities that are all songwriters in their own right so The Truebelles choose to alternate lead vocals on each track. Although Tallulah is a successful model that made it into the last 12 of Britain’s Next Top Model, the trio strongly believe they must provide the right messages to young girls and it doesn’t matter if you’re not stereotypically ‘pretty’.

Tallulah’s wild personality isn’t just portrayed through The Truebelles’ music as she finds her urban exploration can’t always be controlled, leading to her breaking into derelict buildings to sketch and take photos. Her quirky character is also represented through her artwork, where she finds a muse and becomes obsessed until she has painted them.

Tallulah’s eccentric nature alongside Lorenna’s performing background and Grace’s musical history forms the most unique girl band of 2017. The trio have worked alongside major names, such as Lorenna doing additional voicing for Margot Robbie in the latest Tarzan film and Grace making music with Stevie Wonder’s bass player Nate Watts.



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Keeping the industry sexy yet classy, KADI releases ‘Turn You On’

Female rapper KADI fights back against the music industry stereotypes with ‘Turn You On’, exploring the idea of women being sexualised in the industry. The fascinating topic is explored fusing RnB, hip hop and pop. KADI aims to push a new movement of keeping the music industry sexy yet classy, using ‘Turn You On’ to portray that message.

From working alongside artists such as Moorish Delta 7, producers like Baby J and supporting Omar, KADI is no stranger to the industry. Inspired by Lauren Hill’s flow and sophisticated style, KADI’s aim to empower women by be completely herself shines through in ‘Turn You On’. She believes the industry in general shows that “having a big ass or showing your breasts gets you attention” but she wants to succeed by being only herself. ‘Turn You On’ was based on when KADI lived in NYC and most of the producers told her she had to be sexual to get far but she believes she can “turn people on with my clothes on”.


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