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Shuba Releases Instant Smooth Pop Classic!

Chicago-based singer-songwriter, Shuba, has emerged over the last twelve months as one of the most vibrant and alluring R&B stars in some time. Though Shuba’s music is the kind of immediate champagne R&B pop we’ve come to expect from the … Continue reading

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Gospel-Soul Singer Michael Rhodes Launches Unexpected Wave of Happiness!

Born in Nigeria but now based in London, Michael Rhodes is a singer who channels the gospel and soul sounds of the 1960s, bringing joy and vibrancy to his songs, as well as imbuing them with his winning personality. Feel … Continue reading

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2018’s Biggest Gay Anthem Set for Release on Valentine’s Day!

If there’s ever been any doubt as to what qualifies as a gay anthem and what doesn’t, rest assured, we haven’t got this one wrong. Tanzanian-born Hunter (aka Hunter the Voice) has already cemented himself as Africa’s enfant terrible of … Continue reading

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Embrace the Cold with Roman Zayat’s Timely New Single!

Having written more than 300 songs since the age of 15, Roman Zayats is side-stepping the rock world and entering the dance arena. Utilising his existing skills by playing guitar, writing and arranging his new track, Cold sees Roman release a … Continue reading

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Heaven Sent – A Shortlist of Godly Music Acts

To celebrate the release of Adonis’ new single, “My Different Lover”, we though a quick run-down of artists and bands who have taken their name from deities was in order. Adonis (full name, Adonis Hampton), makes the top of our … Continue reading

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Transylvanian Cosmic Bus Calling at all Stops!

Transylvanian pop might be a new thing to you but within a couple of minutes, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. “Cosmic Bus” is the second single to be lifted from Modiwo’s forthcoming album and, like their debut, … Continue reading

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Asia…South Africa…Now the World! The Rise & Rise of Olisha

Olisha Naicker may be a new name to some of you but in South Africa, she could hardly be bigger. The video to her latest track, “Strangers”, has just cleared a quarter of a million views on Youtube. Though born … Continue reading

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