Introducing: Electro-pop duo TONICA

Manchester is arguably the UK’s most notable city when it comes to associating places with music, but it’s best known for classic acts like Oasis, The Happy Mondays, The Smiths, The Stone Roses… the list goes on.

However, electro-pop isn’t quite as widely represented when you think of Manchester, but new duo TONICA are trying to change that. Perhaps it’s time for Manchester to expand their horizons…

Encapsulating a hook-driven, synth-infused sound full of pulsating beats, TONICA’s music is catchy, but without adhering to the typical all-out pop image. Instead, the duo have coined the term ‘neon-noir’ as a way of describing their overall outlook and style when it comes to music.

According to TONICA: ‘The mood and aesthetic of 80s/modern neon-noir cinema has definitely inspired what we do. Films like Blade & Drive have this shadowy, mysterious, sinister feeling to them – we feel like our music captures that sense of drama & suspense too. We love the use of neon glamour & rich colours mixed with industrial gloom within NN cinema, especially in film posters.’

It’s always interesting to see artists inspired by things outside the world of music and this is what sets them apart from the rest of the electro-pop crowd.

Lovers of The Weeknd will find some of what they like in the pair’s debut single ‘Save Yourself’, which is out August 11th, but fans of M83 and Polica will also not be disappointed with what they hear.

You can’t get your ears wrapped around ‘Save Yourself’ just yet, but in the meantime, check out more on TONICA here:

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