Jake Aldridge releases ‘Fireman’

If you like your pop music tinged with a little bit of R&B and even a little rap, then Jake Aldridge’s new track, ‘Fireman’ is without a doubt one for you.

Jake mixes his talent for rapping with the beautiful vocals of Lisa Ambrose who lends her capabilities for the song’s chorus. It’s one of those chorus hooks that’ll be stuck in your head for days and despite the contrast in styles, the two surprisingly work together harmoniously.

The combination of Lisa’s voice and the delicately strummed guitar provides something you wouldn’t necessarily think would fit with Jake’s rap stylings, but this only goes to prove how he is really pushing boundaries and creating something different to the mainstream.

As for the lyrics, this is where Jake truly shows his originality, crafting intricate rhymes that reflect themes of lost love and despair, whilst channeling emotion from the loss of his father when he was 11.

Nonetheless, with his unique and ambitious pop style, Jake is an artist you should be keeping and eye (and an ear) out for in the future.







http://www.twitter.com/jakealdridgeuk /


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