The most unforgettable song of 2017 ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’

Pop duo Tsunami Section release the most unforgettable track of 2017 ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’. The addictive single explores life’s journey and the theme of karma, through the lyrics written by Oliver Fell-Holden.

Made up of Anna Chiara and Felicia Singson, the duo have toured and gig in over 100 venues in places such as Mizoram, Delhi and Gugaon. Before coming together with Singson to form Tsunami Section, Chiara released a solo LP where she worked with London producer David Ezra.

With danceable grooves, a retro melody and catchy chorus, the addictive ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ escapes the negative connotations attached to the theme of karma. The single that immediately puts you in a good mood,  is mirrored by the music video, which you can watch below.

Watch the music video to ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ here:




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