Track Review: ‘Give Me Dynamite’ by Ginny Vee


Italian born singer Ginny Vee is on to a winner with her new track, ‘Give Me Dynamite’, which is sure to launch her into the limelight of pop music circles.

With a super contemporary house-pop sound, ‘Give Me Dynamite’ is the kind of track that will appeal to wide audiences for a number of different reasons. Frequenters of the clubs will love its expertly crafted drops and easily dance-able beat, whereas shower singers will find the melody perfect for their private performances. What I’m trying to say is that even those who aren’t fans of the genre will find it difficult not to hum along with the infectious nature of the track.

Sometimes, the best songs are the most simple ones, and while the substance of the track is actually very complex with its myriad of beats and timbres, Ginny keeps the lyrics relatively simple which works to her advantage. Consequently, the song becomes a real sing-along anthem; the kind of track that when the DJ drops it, everyone hits the floor!

Having been recruited by LA based producer, Christian DeWalden, who then set her up with Vanni Giorgilli and Pete Chiesa at Mind The Floor Records, Ginny’s track was then taken to the Amsterdam Dance Event where it made a big impression and was immediately snapped up by Disco:Wax (Sony). The single was even arranged by Steve Manovski who co-wrote and produced Sigala’s hit single, ‘Give Me Your Love’.

Overall, if Ginny Vee can consistently keep coming up with bright, summery club bangers like ‘Give Me Dynamite’, there’s no reason why she can’t be up heir with the best in the business. I’d keep your eyes peeled for her breakthrough if I were you, just so you can say that you knew her first.

You can watch the teaser for the track here before it goes live on 16th December:

Find out more on Ginny here:

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