Track review: ‘Haters’ by Line Mari

Norway’s new musical goddess, Line Mari, is quickly working her way into the UK music scene on the back of her new single, ‘Haters’.

Following her earlier release, ‘Crush’, Line Mari picks up where she left off with ‘Haters’, crafting a beautifully melodic and considered piece of indie-pop that makes for truly enjoyable listening.

The intro to ‘Haters’ is merely a stripped back double act of piano and vocals that provides a fitting prelude to the catchy head-grooving nature of the chorus. Lilting guitars add a brightness to the hook that contrasts, yet compliments the darker nature of Line Mari’s lyrics.

According to the artist, Line Mari was rather shy when she was younger but she claims this has fueled her songwriting, giving her powerful material to manipulate into quality music (as can be seen from the chorus line: ‘Haters will be haters’. Consequently, there is a very personal feel to Line Mari’s music that is delivered expertly in her own crisp, pure and distinctive voice.

In addition, subtle descending piano phrases unravel themselves towards the end of the track giving listeners even more little hooks and catchy licks to look out for. As expected, these hooks seem to embed themselves in your mind for a long time afterwards, only going to prove the professional songwriting capabilities that Line Mari possesses.

Her talent does not stop at her songwriting, which is embellished by her ability to play piano, guitar, harmonica and even a little bit of the fiddle.

Having grown up in northern Norway, Line Mari witnessed the stunning spectacle of the norther lights on a number of occasions and her music, particularly ‘Haters’, feels like it would provide the ideal soundtrack to such a phenomenon.

Line Mari has worked with producer Rob Cass on her last single ‘Crush’, who himself has offered his services to the likes of Robbie Williams and Paloma Faith, so she is certainly one to look out for in the future – get on the Line Mari bandwagon now!



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