Wiyaala brings ‘Peace’ to the world

Rising Afropop star Wiyaala has come from humble origins, growing up in the small Ghanaian village of Funsi.

Discussing her roots she has stated: ‘At school, I have seen young teenage girls pulled out of the classroom to be married off. The next time you see them they are pregnant and selling pepper in the market… When I was small, we were often hungry. Sometimes we would catch a mouse, roast it and share it amongst 3 or 4 children.’

Now a household name in her home country, Wiyaala has her sights on the rest of the world and has been using her fame to spread word of the injustices still taking place in the third world.

‘Peace’ comes straight off her recent self-titled album and encapsulates Wiyaala’s philanthropic attitude perfectly. The track is an upbeat and driving anthem with an epic chorus that sees the singer switching from Sissala to English. Whilst conveying a profound message, there’s a sense of fun to it that also showswhat ‘The Young Lioness of Africa’ is all about is all about.

Wiyaala is scheduled to play at WOMAD this year.








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