Arty pop release ‘Divine Love’ from Victoria + Jean

Experimental pop duo Victoria + Jean come through with this hypnotically brooding release.  

The album’s themes reflect their own shared lives and experiences. As well as the thread of divine love, the transient nature of their existence – of different cities and cultures – is clear. Victoria was born in Sweden, grew up in London before moving to Paris where she began her first career as a model.

“My mother was a model in the 80s so I have always been surrounded by fashion people and I started modelling when I was 13 or 14,” she explains. “The more I grew up the more I got to meet photographers and designers like Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Zac Posen and Christopher Niquet. But the difference was that they really took me for what I was, a musician. I never liked the fashion side of things, the models, the castings, the object side that you are taken for.”

Hear the lead single here:

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