Impressive DIY genre-defying album ‘Love Sick’ from Darryl Nash

Untitled-3Drawing from vast pool of influences, DIY artist Darryl Nash drops his debut album – a bubbly and exciting mix of rock, pop and electronica.

A man of many talents, the young artist sings, performs all instruments and handles all production on the record. He has studied at BIMM Brighton and is also part of a band with Glastonbury punk rocker Peter Wallis.

The record’s diverse mix of genres makes for constantly engaging listen, dancey synth-pop tracks such as ‘The Human Race’ juxtaposed with angsty rock tracks like ‘HeadAche’.

“When I say art, for me, I spray, paint and burn musical instruments to express emotion in colour. I feel that the coloured instruments that I play catch people’s attention and work well with the music I create.”

Lyrically, most of the record deals with personal themes of lovesickness (needless to say, Darryl writes all his own lyrics too). Fun, emotional, creative and introspective – this is an impressive record and a clear sign of a promising future.

The Album ‘Love Sick’ is out on 6th May 2016.




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