Sally Caitlin’s ‘Falling Back Together’ Receives UKG Mix

“We think both the mixes are sick but are leaning towards the UKG one! We’re feeling her vocals too”Certified/EDM Network (re Stuck in Limbo)

‘Falling Back Together is about a couple that keep trying to leave each other but are always drawn back together.  At the start of the song the girl is trying to leave the relationship behind, but she knows that no matter how far she runs, she will always find herself in the same place.  Sally Caitlin

Sally Caitlin is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter/pianist with a passion for dance music from Manchester UK. She has been performing since she was a schoolgirl and in 2015 released her debut single Stuck in Limbo (supported by EDM Network, Reload Sessions, Female First, Jesse Hazen, Vents Magazine and Popshock). She recorded an acoustic performance for Reload Sessions which has received excellent feedback, and Sally has now been asked to perform in live venues across the country.

Falling Back Together is the second single from Sally’s EP, created with award winning producersThe Next Room.


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