Canadian Indie dream-folk outfit Craven Empires reveal new single ‘Refugees’


From a family of shipwrecked Irish famine-fleers and Lebanese refugees, Craven Empires’ multi-instrumentalist Carrie Haber has laid out a collection that delves into the generational ripple effects of escaping conflict.

Her songs seek to lift the rocks of her past, pitch them over the edge, and bust those boulders into bright little facets. Recorded at Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Howard Bilerman, THE LAWS OF OTHERHOOD EP features a roster of indie empiricists including Victoria Klingenstierna (aka Swedish musician Viktrola), Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker the Star), George Donoso III (The Dears , High Dials, Elephant Stone), Peter X (Michael Feuerstack, Jason Bajada), Jon Asencio (Doughboys), Tyr Jami (Syngja), Alexander MacSween (Tinker, Bionic) and Lily Lanken (McGarrigle/Wainwright clan). Mixed at French Kiss Studio by Jordon Zadorozny.

The EP is being launched with the release of the single Refugees as the first government plane carrying 163 Syrians to Montreal touched down on Saturday evening.

*Proceeds from the track ‘Refugees’ will go towards The Canadian Council for Refugees’ Syrian Refugee Fund + Craven Empires – ‘Refugees’ From LAWS OF OTHERHOOD EP, released December 12, 2015 Carrie – guitars, synths, vocals  Tyr – cello  Jon – bass  Alexander – drums  Lily – vocals


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