The Truebelles – ‘If Your Heart Is There’ Single Review

The Truebelles release their debut single ‘If Your Heart is There’, a fresh new track which is making a statement in the London pop scene. The track is the first release of their upcoming album ‘Truebelles Coming’, an album which is created around feminine pop, taking influences from the likes of Madonna and Annie Lennox.

‘If Your Heart is There’ begins abruptly with an exploding introduction leading into verse one, exuding energy and positive vibes. Grace, the lead singer’s strong vocals then kick in taking the listener on a journey into the songwriter’s experiences with love and life. Prominent backing vocals consistently follow the main melody throughout, adding to the pro-feminine effect.  The catchy chorus grabs the listener’s attention, with repeated elements from the introduction being incorporated, firmly complemented with a heavy drum beat. Then rapper XYM (well-known from his acting work in London Boulevard) puts an interesting twist on the song, bringing a male point of view into the fore-front, before Grace continues telling her story. The song finishes in a fiery way, with ad lib in the vocals and ending on the fierce, final line ‘my heart is dead’.

Truebelles song is defined as “feisty” and “soulful”, funky and up-tempo but also contains a mature, powerful message. It will be intriguing to see what the band come up with next.

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