Sangre de Muerdago


Title: O Camiño das Mans Valeiras

Format: LP, CD, Tape

Label: SickManGettingSick Records

Genre: Acoustic Folk Release

Sangre de Muerdago puts together the four winds to create a world of fairy-like reality. Calling up our oldest memories and melodies and giving the more delicate, quiet and melancholic Galician Folk from the late 70s and early 80s a new dimension, where nature, folk tales, old wisdom, mysteries and love get together to build up a future far from technological civilization. With members coming from the depths of punk and countercul- ture since the 90’s, Sangre de Muerdago deliver a feast of finger picked guitars, cello, violin/viola, baroque flute, nyckelharpa, and ocassional percussion and hurdy-gurdy, dancing together on a beauty invocation, on a gathering of passion and melodies that will awake our sleeping “myself”, our true soul. With its music, Sangre de Muerdago brings us to a world of ancient musical enchantment.

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