Benjamin Steel – Stormchaser

Release Date: November 24

Having first been introduced to musical composition by his Grandmother at the age of 7, Benjamin threw himself whole-heartedly in to mastering an array of instruments. To kick-start his musical learning process, his Grandmother helped his master the piano. By 15 he had also mastered the guitar and landed his first record deal.

Abandoning his classical training for his pop ambitions, Benjamin began working in recording studios, writing for local bands and artists. Before he knew it, he was fronting ‘Visitors’, a band championed by BBC 6 Music as One To Watch for the future ahead of their performance at Ibiza Rocks.

‘Visitors’ led to Howe Steel, an EDM based collaboration, which saw Benjamin make a name for himself on the DJ scene and remixing for luminaries that included Rihanna.

Despite his early success, Benjamin turned his focus back to his initial goal – to achieve acclaim as a solo artist.

Having taken all his experiences to date, the songwriter escaped Britain for Milan last year – with him, every song he had ever written. Locked away in a tiny studio, he ploughed through his thoughts and influences to craft a demo he was truly proud of. By the end of 2013, Benjamin was in the US working with Timbaland, Jim Beanz, and a host of A-class writers and producers. The result is standout album ‘The Record’ due for release in 2015.

Lead single ‘Stormchaser’, heads up the campaign. Co-produced with upcoming Dutch super-producer ‘Fixer’ it is a soaring pop tune that nods to 80s icons Erasure and Pet Shop Boys, while simultaneously situating Benjamin alongside leading dance producers du jour David Guetta and Avicii. ‘Stormchaser’ is a single that is so irrepressibly addictive, that you will be compelled to press play time and again.

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