All The Luck In The World release self-titled debut album!

For fans of… Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, Grizzly Bear, VillagersAll the Luck in the WorldBrighton based Irish three-piece, All The Luck In The World, are pleased to announce the release of their self-titled debut album, available now via Barfilm Records.

Their album track, ‘Never’, achieved international recognition after being picked up by the travel firm TriVaGo, and the band have been able to continue their sharp upward rise by skilfully executing the composition of a mature debut album in 2014.

You can stream the track on the band’s official Soundcloud page.

The video for “Never”, which has amassed over 1 million views, is available to watch on YouTube.

On All The Luck In The World, the band have created a record that is wise beyond its years – boasting a sound that is accomplished and confident, while maintaining a real sense of identity. There can be no doubt that this release sounds exactly as the band intended, with a strong backbone of indie-folk used expertly to explore familiar themes of love, loss and loneliness. ATLITW’s music uses Neil Foot’s heartwarming vocals and lyrics to paint bittersweet pictures over gorgeous acoustic strings, with the added emotional weight of a full brass section and strings. Instrumental departure “Low Beams” allows the band to explore their experimental side, with some mesmerising acoustic production techniques creating a sumptuous soundscape that resonates through the speakers beautifully.

The album has already whet the appetite of the UK press, with a rave review from Artrocker Magazine, and coverage pouring in from The Vinyl District, Thank Folk For That… and Circuit Sweet.

All The Luck In The World will be touring Germany this March. Check out their live trailer on the Barfilm Records official site.

Most bands spend a lifetime trying to hone and craft their sound. All The Luck In The World appear to have managed this at their first attempt and at the tender age of just 19 years old.

All The Luck In The World was released 3rd February 2014 via Barfilm Records.


Website: (username – press, password – atlitw)Facebook:


Love Susie & Chanel xxx

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