BoyGold Interview


After seeing BoyGold’s dramatic video for ‘The Beat’ last week, we couldn’t resist getting in contact with the man himself, so here’s a quick interview with the one and only BoyGold!

S&C: Tell me about your new single?

 Its different. I was fighting with my music producer- he didn’t think a guitar would work well on the track. After falling out for a little while we managed to put the guitar in. Theres nothing like it. A totally new sound

S&C: Where do you get your inspiration from?

From all walks of life really. from the old man walking on the street to the Prodigy. Prince, Madonna, Led Zepplin and Courtney Love to name but a few.

 S&C: Tell me about your video?

Tongue in cheek. Its fun, cool and entertaining. Its not generic and people are actually interested. Some really interesting comments on YouTube.

 &C: Who is your favourite fashion designer?

Vivienne Westwood

S&C: What’s your favourite item of clothing?

My scarves. Because I can tie them around my head and go all 80’s.

S&C: Your dancing is pretty unique, you must be trained?

I was Dancing in my mums womb. It comes naturally to me.Singing is something I’ve had to work very hard on. Dancing is easy. My body does funny things

S&C: What’s next for BoyGold?!

Conquer the soup

It was really great to speak to the man behind such a unique track, and we’ll certainly be watching to see what happens next for BoYGoLD, whether it be conquering the soup, or even greater things!

Susie & Chanel xxx

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