The Ambersons’ new indie-pop single ‘The Housecat’ – free download out now

Ambersons Housecat SmallA quick question: How many songs do you hear that are inspired by a three legged cat called Tina? We’re guessing not many.

Welcome to the charming world of The Ambersons, who describe their music as ‘pop and roll’, blending aspects of pop, indie, folk, country and electronica to create a genuinely ear catching sound.  Following the success of their fantastic ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’ EP late last year, the new single – free to download from July 22nd – is based on the adventures of the aforementioned housecat who lives with band member Ben.

See the video here:

The track, typical of the fresh, lo-fi sound of the Manchester collective, will be another opportunity to enter the world of one of the most creative and original bands on the UK scene at present. Somehow managing to sound individual while remaining instantly accessible, The Ambersons are a five piece who are different not for the sake of it, but because they simply enjoy making their music that way.

‘The Housecat’ is free to download here:

And if you like what you hear, you can find The Ambersons in all the usual online hangouts.

Visit ‘Amberland’ and get social with The Ambersons:

Facebook Home:


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