New single from Allan Rose – ‘Be Mine?’

‘Be Mine?’ is the latest single to be released by Allan Rose, Brit school graduate and seemingly rising star. For fans of pop/dance artists such as Alex Clare etc. this might be right up your alley.

The chorus hook is relatively catchy and I could easily see this song doing well in a club, but I’m not genuinely sure how much of an impact it might make beyond that. The hint of Depeche Mode in the song’s style is not lost on me and perhaps I am being too critical, but I find the lyrics uninspiring and the lack of musical prowess on show is sincerely disappointing.

I am sure that Allan has picked up much musical knowledge through his time at the Brit School and he has indeed created a song which may well go on to be rather successful, his previous single ‘Dance Floor’ hit the top 20 in the electronic charts. One saving grace is that Rose does sound like he has a genuinely strong voice yet it is not given any chance to shine with a song such as this.

Maybe i’m just being a bit over-critical because it isn’t the sort of music that I would listen to by choice but it doesn’t have the interest or creativity about it that one would expect from a genuinely brilliant pop/dance track. Some better lyrics would certainly go a long way towards making this song more enticing.

Review by Ciaran Steward

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